16 great types of copy in your exams


Some are a real professional. They invest almost more time to prepare the chopsthan in studying. That Yes make sure to copy with comfort. Meet some of the coolest tricks to copy at the end.


Come the tests and you bet it all. There is much to memorize, there are nerves, few hours of sleep, and all for good results. But sometimes the time you leans over, you’ve not prepared tests with long enough or there is no way to understand and memorize the syllabus. It is then when looking for alternative MAKE CHOPS.

How do the chop perfect? How can you get copy in the exam without getting caught the teacher?

It is then when the mind gets to work. A great solution is needed and the real professionals of matter with such creative ideas are as useful. Sometimes even so sophisticated and elaborate that they require both or longer than you should have invested in studying.

Here are 15 great types of chops to cheating in exams and take good note:

1. the t-shirt‘s answers. Requires a careful and expensive preparation but eliminates all the suspicions if hide in she them answers of the exam. You can dress her youor search any accomplice who feels close examination.


2. at the neckline. A small note, with it just to take good note. Who‘s going to suspect your “boobies”? and above all who will find there inside?


3. in the legs. It is essential to wear skirt. In the same way that the previous who you will tell you lift you skirt to check if you have the chops?


4. under the panty. A slight variant of the above. But you want to scratch directly on your lap, you can introduce roles under stockings.



5 Adheridas to the legs. In this way also can take advantage of to shave you whenyou retire them jajajaj!


6. the carved bic pen. A needle, a bic Crystal and good lyrics. A classic so subtle as art


7. in the juice. It is valid with other packagings, consists of carefully sectioning the container or package building a drop-down hideaway hiding your chops.


8. on the arm. One of the most risky, is almost impossible to make it quickly disappear.


9. the “scarecrow”. A fake stuffed to mimic your arm and is apparently visible, while under the table you can cheat.


10. the intra-boligrafo role. Another classic, again a transparent body pen and your pork chop on the inside.


11. labelling. Another that requires a careful preparation, but ensures a super result. You design your label adhieres it your bottle and copy.


12. the “cookie”. Deserves to enter in this ranking by their ease at the time of makeit disappear.


13. on the nail. It should be a great pulse and a lowercase letter, also you cannotdelete it quickly although if hide it and looks great xD!


14. the smartphone into the calculator. Those writing in pencil on the back of the calculator are for beginners. Convert the calculator in a shell and enter the smartphone inside is much more. You have to be almost engineer but its utility is brutal.


15. and finally the more classic: the piece of paper. Easy processing, useful and in an emergency can even eat it to make it disappear.


While all these are ideas great, as always the best option is STUDY

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